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       The Buddhist missionaries to Palestine and Egypt became known as the Pure followers of the Enlightened Saviour (Light of the World) or Essenes as well as the Therapeuts, who began converting man away from the Slaughterhouse Altars and Temples of the Jews.


       Like Buddhists, the succeeding Essenes discontinued all teachings of Retribution or Karma, teaching forgiveness, rather than "eye for eye, tooth for tooth" excuses for killing and endless revenge, becoming regarded as Immortals having blessed and deathless life.


       "Those ancient Therapeuts were Christians, and their ancient scriptures were our Gospels and Epistles", both Eusebius and Epiphanius established as early Church history.


       The Therapeuts, Essenes, Pythagorians and Magi, received their rule of life and origins from the Gymnosophites, name given by Philo, etc. for the Buddhist yogi Missionaries from India.  

excerpt from "Paradise Building"







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