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Working List of the Complete Bibliography of Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom


1. A 5000 Year Worship Of A God Of Death

2. A God Given Method Of Birth Control

3. A Look In A Nook Of A Vitarian's No Cook Book

4. A Look In A Vitarian’s No Cook Book

5. A New Vitalogical Natural Living Or Vegetarian Version Of The Christian Bible 

6. Absologo 

7. Curso De Antropologia Vitalogica

8. Declaraciones Sobre La Misione De Los Paradisiacos En    El Ecuador

9. Designios Celestes 

10. Dietetic Science Of Chastity

11. El Evangelio Nazareno Siriaco, Escrito En La Lengua Apostolica, La Orden Mistica De Los Paradisiacos, Y Su Paraiso

12. El Monte Chimborazo

13. El Reglamento Interno De La Orden Pristina De La Perfeccion Paradisiaca De La Celeste Ecclesia
De Dios Viviente En Revivificacion Aeoniana, Y Su Celeste Jerarquia Superior

14. Equatorial Andean Home Of The Human Form 

15. Their Extremes Made Them Saints! 

16. Handbook Of Radioactive Nuclear Fall Out

17. Heavenly Ecclesia Of The Living God In Aeonian Revivification And The Pristine Order Of
Paradisian Perfection

18. Heavenly Life Without Eating! 

19. How To Grow And Eat The Vitarian Fruit Salad Diet 

20. If You Like What We Write, Why Not Teach It

21. Inner Rule Of Paradisian Perfection & How The Paradisian God-Spell Became The New Testament
Bible Scripture

22. Inner Rule Of Paradisians 

23. Keys To The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

24. La Ciencia Dietetica De La Castidad

25. La Orden Pristina De Perfeccion Paradisiaca 

26. Lessons From The Life Of Lovewisdom 

27. Modern Live Juice Therapy 1962

28. Lovewisdom Message On Paradise Building 1975

29. Maitreya Volume 1 1978

30. Maitreya Volume 2 1978

31. Mensaje De Lovewisdom Sobre La Vocacion Paradisiaca

32. Mystical Anthropology.
Constituited As A Fundamental Vitalogical Science

33. Never Sick 

34. New Catalog Of The International University Of Natural Vitalogical Sciences 

35. New Vitaological Natural Living Version Of The Christian Bible 

36. Nine Months In A Snake Pit 1958

37. Paradisian Perfection

38. Powerful Muscular Strength Thru Fruitarian Continence In The Paradisian New Age 

39. Pristine Order Of Paradisian Perfection 

40. Prospecto De La Universidad Naturista Internacional

41. Quiere Ud. Ayudar A Moldear El Futuro Humano

42. Quitando El Velo De Los Divinos Misterios

43. Sacred Theology Of The Seven Churches Of Asia 

44. Strictest Discipline On Earth 

45. Sukhavata Ashram Lamasary 

46. Terapia Moderna De Los Zumos Vivos

47. Textes Choices

48. The Inner Rule Of The Paradisian Perfection

49. The Lord Made Flesh Dwelt Among Us

50. The Lovewisdom Message On Paradise Building 1975 repeat 

51. The Original Diet And Sin 

52. The Reclamation Of The Garden Of Eden 

53. The Resurrection Seal Of Lovewisdom

54. The Sacred Science Of Sexual Sublimation

55. The Sacred Theology Of The Seven Churches Of Asia

56. The Science Of Science: Vitalogy 

57. The Seven Churches Of Asia 

58. The Sublime Theology Of The Heavenly Ecclesia Of The Essenes 

59. The Syriac Peshito Scripture Of The Nazarene Jesus 

60. Their Extremes Made Them Saints 

61. Truth Of Healing 

62. Un Santo En Los Andes

63. Understanding Self-Realization Of Buddhahood & Christhood Thru Divine Wisdom

64. Various Books Published In Spanish

65. Vitalogical Anthropology 

66. Vitalogy

67. Vitaological Food Class Chart

68. Worldwide Lovewisdom Message 

69. Eternal Youth Life Journal: The Lovewisdom Message For The Paradisian New Age – The Northern Pontifical Academy

70. Vitalogical Healing & Hygiene 1975-1977

71. Caravan Books/Caravaners Handbook 1952/54

72. Spiritualizing Dietetics: Vitarianism 1953/4

73. Eternal Youth Life 1946

74. A Cosmic Universal Consception Of Religious Living 1947

75. Ecstatic Recreation Thru Paradisical Living 1959

76. Search For Reality 1960s

77. Modern Live Juice Therapy 1962

78. Vitalogical Healing 1971

79. Transcendent Truth Teachings 1974

80. The Lovewisdom Message on Paradise Building 1975

81. Maitreya: The New Age World Teacher/The Lovewisdom Autobiography 1919-1985 1977 (first edition)

82. Catalogue Of Lovewisdom Publications, International University Of Natural Living Sciences Of Man 1978
83. The Healing Godspell Of Saint John: The Essene Therapeutics 1978

84. Mystical Anthropology 1979

85. Maha Maitreyana Mandala Schambala 1981

86. Eternal Youth Life: The Syriac Peshito Scripture Of The Nazarene Savior 1982

87. The Paradisian Godspell 1982

88. Actas De La Asamblea De La Junta De La Orden Pristina De La Perfeccion Paradisiaca De Loja
Ecuador En Su Concurrencia De

89. Eternal Youth Life Including Catalogue Of Lovewisdom Publications 1984

90. Why Paradisian Contemplatives Will Live Longer By Migrating To High Andes Proven By ScientificResearch

91. Eternal Youth Life 1985

92. Oh Sweet Mystery Of Life 1985

93. The Lovewisdom Intuition 1992

94. Those Strong, Powerful & Extraordinary Vegetarians 1994

95. El Evangelo Del Senor Buddha 1996

96. Vitalogical Hygiene 1996

97. The Buddhist-Essene Connection 1997

98. Meditation 1999

99. The Order Of Paradise: Lessons From The Life Of Lovewisdom 1945, 1962

100. The History Of Naturistic Tropical Colonization/Tropical Colonization History Of Naturistic
Paradisian Contemplatives
1952, 1964

101. Maha Maitreyana Mandala 1984, 1985

102. The Buddhist Essene Gospel Of Jesus 1994 & 2004

103. The Ascensional Science Of Spiritualizing Fruitarian Dietetics 1999 & 2002







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