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JESUS: The origin and true meaning of the word


YEHO-SHUAY also spelled YOHO-SHUAY is transliterated from the Hebrew. Transliterate means to write words or letters in the characters of another alphabet like the Greek X being changed to ch.


YEHO-SHUAY means "God-Freed" or the "God-Man" (Man or Manas means Mind, so God-Mind or Realm), free of all earthly limitations, in IT's pristine state of BE-NESS, an immortal forever.


The New Testaments printed in Hebrew have Yay-shu also seen as Ye-shua and phonetically spelled as Yah-shua, all of which are the contracted form of YEHO-SHUAY.


YEHO-SHUAY contracted to YAY-SHU or YE-SHUA is rendered in Greek to Ιησους (Iesous), pronounced Ay-sous and means "Saviour".


The Latin transliteration of Ieous is Jesus. In Spanish Jesus is spelled Jesús and is pronounced hey-Sus similar to the original Greek Ay-sous.


YOHANAN in Hebrew is John the Baptist and is not YEHOSHUAY. John says YEHOSHUAY or YAY-SHU or YESHUA or Iesous or Jesus will come after him and is greater than him and will baptize one in the Holy Spirit and not just water.


YEHOSHUAY or YESHUA is the Shining One, The First Emanation of the Unmanifest God the Father or in other words the Emanation or First Born Son of God the Father of all fathers and mothers.


Jesus is the Shining One or Light, the Immortal Spirit, the First Emanation of the Godhead.


No one can see God, the Unmanifest, only the Shining One, the First Emanation is revealed. Everyone has this Immortal Spirit + aglow within them and it is what urges them to grow spiritually.


All human beings have IT or the First Emanation of God within, Christ within, because Christ is the father of Adam and Eve and the grandfather of Seth and his mate and so on.


John or Yohanan (which means God-Endowed) broke through the veil of illusion and became conscious of the Divine World as any mortal in any age can.


He, John, repudiated the false teaching that it is gained in some after life when one loses his outer vesture or body.


No human Messiah, or Maitreya will ever return to free you or mankind. You must unite with your own Immortal Spirit +, Jesus Within to be free.


The Hebrew word Messiah, pronounced Ma-she-ah, and the Aramaic Meshaykah is the same as the Sanskrit Maitraya, and all mean the same: (One) "Expected".


The Greeks changed the word Messiah to Christos meaning "Anointed" from the root Chrism, oil, and it does not have the same meaning as "Expected".


The One Expected is Jesus Within, the Immortal Spirit and Light that resides in all people. Christ has come to mean over the years "Anointed" with the Spirit of Jesus.


Yohanan or John went up the mountain (of consciousness) and meditated deeply until he obtained union with his Divinity, the spiritual part of the soul or Nous, freeing him from Naphesh, the animal or desire part of the soul.


John's message and baptism or initiation is living close to nature and eating a natural diet which results in sexual energy conservation.


Unfoldment will happen naturally living close to Nature and eating the diet of John. Your intuitive Immortal Spirit or Jesus Within will more fully be revealed to you as you adopt a life close to Nature and eat a natural diet. The Unfoldment of Jesus Within is an ongoing process of discovery of the Goodness of God.




THE ORIGINAL PREFACE to the New Covenant            translated from Hebrew


John 1: The PRINCIPAL in Activity is your Immortal Spirit. The Active Principle is adnate to Deity, which is the One Eternal Principle. (adnate: joined by having grown out of Deity)

                                     * * * 

John 2: It is the First Emanation of the God-head.

(First Emanation was changed to first born Son of God but not carnally born rather a Spiritual Emanation. The Koran says how could God have a physical son, and this is correct, the First Emanation, the Shining One is an Immortal Spirit and not a physical child and this Immortal Spirit is in all of us.)

                                     * * * 

John 3: All "Things" are manifest by IT, and not one thing exists without IT.

                                     * * * 

John 4: IT is The LIFE and The LIGHT of all mankind.

                                     * * * 

John 5: Although this Immortal Light is aglow within the Unenlightened, yet they fail to realize it.

                                     * * * 

Source: New Light From An Old Lamp by Joseph C. Bonner


Compare this to the New International Version, the most popular Bible version in America, of John 1-5:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1: The PRINCIPAL in Activity is your Immortal Spirit. The Active Principle is adnate to Deity, which is the One Eternal Principle.

The first line of John was completely changed in meaning from the Hebrew and that was the most important part because it was talking about you personally and your inherent connection to the Immortal Spirit.

He was with God in the beginning.

Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcomea it.




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