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Most every bible in English has the word Mammon in it. Math. 6:24 Ye cannot serve God and mammon.



Mammon is not English but a transliteration from Aramaic.



When this word is written in the Hebrew letter (Mamon) it is glibly termed "Chaldee" or "Chaldaic" by New Testament scholars who are committed to uphold the Christian faith, let it stand as a Greek word instead of truthfully saying it is of Aramaic origin.



Even when it is written in any of the three Syriac Characters the oldest being Estrangelo, (Mamona), it is called "Syriac" after the character when ancient Syriac of the first century was a dialect of Aramaic.



The word Mammon means riches; wealth (which nowadays means excess wealth or multi-millionaires, billionaires and even a few trillionaires). Excess or extreme wealth or poverty are the problems.



Christ wanted us to give our excess riches to the needy and not sell everything and give it to the poor and be a burdensome, homeless beggar. Lazarus or Simon Peter had a fruit plantation and also was a stone pitcher maker and was not poor or needy.



Copyists termed scribes transliterated the words in the text into Greek, adding their case ending (mamones).



Later, when copyists under the fathers of the church edited what they deemed proper to be publicized to the illiterate layman as the "Received Text" (TEXTUS RECEPTUS) they wrongly spelled the word with two Ms (MAMM-).



This, the parent text of all continental translations, has caused the mispelled MAMMON to appear in every so-called translation, since the word is transliterated once more from the Greek in Roman letters, without its meaning being conveyed to the reader.



This shows that there was a scripture before the Hebrew, Greek and Latin versions, in Syriac.



The original Syriac text is what Johnny Lovewisdom translated into English with added commentaries in his The Buddhist Essene Gospel of Jesus.



It is widely accepted that Jesus spoke Aramaic or its dialect Syriac and thus it behooves everyone to read the English translation of the Syriac new testament.





The Buddhist Essene Gospel of Jesus, Volume I

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