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Your Consort or Human Spirit Mate

Every human is emanated as a pair like Adamas and Eve, according to the Apocryphon of John, one of the most respected Gnostic scriptures found at Nag Hammadi. 

Being human means male and female and not just a

human single person. In reality there are no single

humans because everyone has a paired consort of

the opposite gender.


You now have, and always have had, your match

made in Heaven by God and you can hear them now

in this life and will eventually be reunited with them

when you leave the earth and travel on the greatest

journey of your life, which is your journey to meet

your Spirit Mate, and Christ and God. So why all the

crying and fighting with your so called partner in

humanity? We already have a Divinely given partner.

Why search outwardly when they are within you as

your conscience and inner voice?



Could your true twin be on earth? I doubt it because

like Adamas and Eve, the temptation was too great

to procreate physical beings, (not Emanated Spirits)

into the ignorant level of material existence and so

God in His Omnipotent Wisdom would not allow two

human paired couples to incarnate together.

Although, Yaldabaoth would want this and may have

paired them in order to ensnare them on earth.


We are all already Married, in reality born married to

our consort-opposite like Adamas and Eve. To find

a marriage partner to procreate children on the earth

is following the way of the world, which was born

in ignorance. Most sages and prophets avoided

getting married and having children in order to follow

the Spirit. A companion of the opposite sex on earth

is an option but not for procreation, rather for

recreation and upliftment. But don't believe they are

your match made in Heaven because more than

likely your other half is not on the earth or cannot be

contacted in order to protect you both.


Our desire to see our children is inherently correct

but to emanate a human offspring is different than a

carnal birth on earth.


Those who want to concentrate their creative

energies for doing good works, remain unmarried,

while some are called to having children within the

legal marriage contract in order to liberate them from

ignorance. There is also the adoption of unwanted

human children similar to what some Essene

communities did to keep their member numbers up.


All of these ways are in essence working with Christ

for the liberation of Humans from the world and to

return them to the Heaven or Pleroma, full Spirit


Only God is Perfect, Not needing another, or partner,

and Light or Enlightenment and Completely and

Absolutely Good.


Falling in love and being in the bliss of love is a

precursor experience to meeting your Real Beloved

Partner in Heaven.

On earth love usually fades after time, after the

intensity of the physical, sexual and psychic

attraction dies down over time, since it is a love

based on the senses, the psyche or lower

ego-mental level, materiality and on time.

It is not the happy ever after, Real, True Love of our

Original God Emanated Human Consort, which can

be felt and heard as our conscience and still, small

voice within.

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